The Most Common Environmental Allergies and How We Can Help

If you’re one of the 50 million people in the United States that suffer from different types of allergies every year, then you’re familiar with the severe discomfort or other serious issues they can cause. 

At Oasis ENT in Surprise, Arizona, our team of providers has the expertise to give you the relief you need. We have treatments, therapies, and medications that can help manage your allergies and improve your quality of life.

Let’s first look at the type of environmental allergens that might cause you to have a reaction.

Common environmental allergens

Although an allergen in itself shouldn’t be a threat, your immune system might have a damaging response to it, causing you to have a reaction.

Common environmental allergens include:

If you notice a change in your body when you’re exposed to any of these allergens, you should schedule an appointment with our team at Oasis ENT. 

Symptoms of environmental allergies

Signs of an allergic reaction include: 

In some cases, you might experience a severe allergic reaction, such as cramping in your stomach, difficulty with swallowing, or the swelling of your tongue, face, or eyes. If your body goes into anaphylactic shock, you need to call 911 immediately.

Diagnosing and treating environmental allergens

If you recognize any odd reactions to certain allergens, it’s imperative that you come in to see us. You need an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment right away.

To find out what allergies cause you to have a reaction, we provide several methods of testing. We can give you a skin prick test, a blood test, or we may ask you to eliminate certain foods from your diet. Once we identify the allergens that cause your issues, we work with you to determine the best solution. 

Even though allergies can’t be eliminated, they can be managed. We offer medications that you can take orally or through a nasal spray. We also provide allergy shots that inject tiny doses of the allergen into your body to allow your immune system to ultimately tolerate it. We offer these in phases.

The first phase involves giving you a shot 1-2 times a week, each with increasing amounts of the allergen. We then monitor your response to the injections, which takes about 3-6 months. Once we reach your effective dose, your second phase begins, which includes consistent doses of immunotherapy ranging once every 2-4 weeks. We continue to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.

When you need relief from allergies, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call 623-234-4640 or schedule your appointment online. You can also send our team a message if you have any questions or concerns.

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